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Further Information

View of the site from above

Site Features and Surrounding Area

The site is known as ‘land at Ockham Road, West Horsley’ and is located on the western edge of West Horsley. 

The site is currently open paddock land and covers approximately 10 acres of land which is currently used for the grazing of horses and sheep. 

The site is located in an accessible location, with a wide range of key local facilities within easy walking distance of the site (including facilities within West Horsley village centr, including the Horsley train station, East Horsley Village Hall, and local restaurants and shops, approximately 1km south. 

It is bordered to the north, east and south by residential buildings with the Horsley Camping and Caravanning Club Site to the west. 


The site is allocated for housing development in the Guildford Borough Local Plan Strategy and Sites (2015-2034) under Policy A39. The principle of residential development on this site is confirmed as acceptable as identified below:

Table of Policy A39

Two planning applications for 35 dwellings (Application Reference 21/P/00917) and 5 dwellings (Application Reference 19/P/02096) within the remainder of the Policy A39 allocation are currently pending determination by Guildford Borough Council.

Architectural Plans
House Type Proposed


The indicative layout demonstrates how the site could be developed to deliver around 90 dwellings with a range of small to family sized homes and 40% affordable dwellings. 

The scheme has a leafy and green character owing to the existing high quality trees and orchard which are to be retained and integrated into the layout. New planting will form part of the proposed planting plan which will form part of the planning application. 

The proposed development will provide the following features within the open space and landscaping proposed on site:

  • Pond;

  • Local Equipped Area of Play; and

  • Area of open space in the northern area.

Transport and Highways

Vehicle access to the site will be provided via the existing access road off Ockham Road North. The access road will run through the centre of the site, resulting in a ‘high street’ for the proposed development. Secondary routes either side of the principle access road will provide access to the remainder of the dwellings.

The access has been carefully designed to mirror a number of the existing features of Ockham Road North and surrounding residential roads. The proposal will include new pedestrian and cycle links throughout the site and connected to the existing infrastructure.
A detailed Transport Assessment will accompany the future planning application, and this will address all relevant transport matters including access by waste vehicles and fire tenders. 

The proposal will be in compliance with Guilford Borough Council’s Parking Standards SPD, by providing a combination of parking spaces and garage spaces. Electric vehicle charging points will be provided on each plot. 
Cycle parking will be provided within the proposal along with pedestrian and cycle links to allow sustainable connectivity to the East Horsley village amenities. 

Butterfly on flower with Bee


The site is currently used for the grazing of horses and sheep. There are mature trees, a small woodland, an apple orchard and areas of dense scrub. 

The proposal will incorporate biodiversity net gain and suitable mitigation measures following future site surveys, in line with the relevant planning policy.  


Our proposals will include a new area of wetland habitat as part of the drainage system, using plant species which encourage bats. Bat and bird boxes will also be placed onto some of the retained trees. 

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